• Glow in the dark nail polish.

  • Donates blankets to the homeless and the elderly. Named after founders mother. Her nickname was 'Ms Chicken'.

  • Lightup headband designed for kids and adults. Wire fastened to flat card background for economical packaging.

  • Modern logo for the city of Allen, Texas that could be used separate icon. Also, required to use city colors.

  • Modern logo for the city of Keller, Texas that could be used as a separate icons and broken down as individual icons to represent different fascites of the center.

  • Only requirements was to be clean and modern and use his favorite color blue.

  • Mallery Family Dentistry - They wanted something to represent a family with their favorite color blue.

  • Update and modernize the old school logos. Mascot: Panther - Colors: Purple & White

  • Design logo. There where no requirements.

  • Brochure designed to give to client who come in. Something simple that wouldn't need to change to often and let them know o check website for all locations and more information.

  • One of the first sites I did in 2007. Would love for them to update to a responsive site.


  • Responsive website - Home health care for seniors and adults who need professional health services.


  • Fun packaging to send to clients letting them know they where moving and when.

  • Home decorating mixing clients current belongings with new items that reflect clients style.

  • Simple hanging tag packaging for endcap displays.

  • CD and jewel case for christian singer.

  • A musician and a couple of how to make money cd's.

  • Welcome package for the city of Kennedale chamber.

  • Clamshell design go with existing products.

  • Designed based on sports massage for athletes. Points of muscle tension.

  • A high end real estate agency who provides a home selling guide to potential sellers.

  • Church needed a series of banners an pullups to help members know where to go and to initially welcome them.

  • Logo and poster creation for a company that wanted to start an annual music festival to raise money for breast cancer victims.

  • Branding... Not always easy to do, especially when you have to carry a theme through several years. Staying fresh and looking cohesive.

  • Methodist Mansfield Auxilary - Annual styleshow and lucheon. Created a variety of print material to promote the event.

  • The boosters provide an annual program book to sell at event during the season.

  • Responsive website - Total vascular care in the Mansfield, TX area.


  • Responsive website - CPR & First Aid Courses.